Miss These Moving Mistakes

homeowners insurance anaheimMake Sure Your Moving Day Is A Breeze By Avoiding These Errors

If you are planning a move, you may think the only things you need to do now are collect boxes and schedule a moving service. Letting the rest of your moving day logistics fall to chance could be disastrous, however. Make sure your move is a snap by avoiding these mistakes:

  1. Not Planning Ahead: Even with months of planning, your moving day will be stressful. Fortunately, if you have thoroughly prepared you will know that everything will get moved that day and at the end of it, you will be able to find everything you need. Do your research on moving companies to ensure you conscript the services of a trustworthy team, and hire them early so you can have your choice of moving days.
  2. Packing Too Much: There is no better time than moving to clear out your unnecessary possessions. Use the chance of packing boxes to go through each room and get rid of any items you do not need. Bonus: if you donate your items to a charitable organization, you can likely write off the value on your taxes.
  3. Lacking Insurance: It would be nice to think that your moving company will have the liability insurance they need to cover any damages to your possessions while moving them. Many moving companies, however, have weight-based coverage, meaning you are reimbursed (usually a dollar or less) per pound. That means you would get the same reimbursement for a book with a torn binding as you would for an expensive DVD player. Call your homeowners insurance provider to ensure they will offer you the protection you need on moving day.

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